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New to Cambridge Curriculum?
No Problem!

If you’re a parent with a child new to the Cambridge curriculum, there’s no need for worry. Happeria International School is here to make the transition smooth for your child. Our experienced teachers and staff understand the differences between the traditional Ugandan system and Cambridge, and we’ll ensure your child feels comfortable, confident, and captivated as they embark on this new educational journey.

The Comparisons and Equivalences

Appreciating the Cambridge Curriculum

The Cambridge curriculum is a world-class education system used in more than 10,000 schools and more than 200 countries. This curriculum will have your child feeling not just comfortable, but truly excited to learn every day. The Cambridge approach encourages critical thinking, creativity, and a lifelong love of learning. Your child will be captivated by this innovative system that prepares them for future academic and professional success.

Don’t let the transition to Cambridge concern you. Trust us to make it an inspiring journey that captivates your child’s heart and mind. Join the Happeria family today!

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